David is a Cinematographer & Director from Los Angeles, CA.

With a desire to constantly grow, he hones his craft and continually studies the form while collaborating with fellow filmmakers. His experience ranges from branded content, music videos, documentary, and narrative films. He has created moving images for brands such as Toyota, Nordstrom, Los Angeles County Fire Department, NBA, and Boiler Room, to name a few. He is constantly searching for more opportunities to tell meaningful stories, and to push the limits of visual storytelling. 

Influences - 

Cinema: Seven, Children Of Men, Gaspar Noe's Love, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Cold War, Chunkging Express, Un Prophete, Heat, Lady Snowblood, Le Cercle Rouge, The Conformist, Le Samourai, Seven Samurai, True Detective, Cowboy Bebop, Perfect Blue, etc. (The List Will Forever Go On..) 

Artists: Roger Deakins, Gaspar Noe, Khalil Joseph, Bradford Young, Rina Yang, Christopher Doyle, Olan Collardy, Hunter Daly, Gordon Parks, David Fincher, Akira Kurosawa, Jean-Pierre Melville, Vitorrio Storaro, Gordon Willis, Seijun Suzuki, Shinichiro Watanabe, Alfonso Cuaron, Martin Scorcese, etc.